Who we are

Primal Eatery is a wood-fired grill concept. We are not your average steakhouse, in fact, we’ve banned the word from our vocabulary. Primal is a “Meatery”. We are a restaurant that is meat centric; using live fire, innovative cooking techniques and creative food styling to provide you, our guest, the ultimate sensory experience.

Meet The Owners

Brynn and Kristina, husband and wife, have teamed up to put their vision into creation. Conceptualized on the pristine beach of Old Fort Bay in Nassau, Bahamas, Brynn and Kristina spent the better part of four years formulating a concept for Cape Town.

Coming from two vastly different cultures and upbringing, this power couple combine their Greek and South African heritage, and together with their love of food and travel, came up with a concept focusing on TWO very distinct attributes that’s important in their everyday lives…FAMILY and FOOD.

With Brynn’s lengthy and global experience in the restaurant industry and Kristina’s love for travel, art and design, they collaborated in formulating a concept that puts staff (their other family) first, food and beverage second, and everything else a distance third.

Brynn and Kristina would spend hours on the beach (aaahhh the life) going back and forth on what would make their restaurant stand apart from the rest.

“Instead of trying to find the perfect formula for a restaurant, we put all our efforts into training the perfect staff compliment. Then as a single unit we come together to create something truly special to showcase to our guests. It’s a beautiful thing to watch when it all comes together.” says Brynn.

“My husband drives me crazy. All he talks about is work. But its that drive, determination and passion that makes this work. When a husband and wife team up for a business venture, irritation is bound to happen. What makes this venture work for us is that we listen and respect each other’s decisions. Brynn is brilliant at operations and I “TRY” to stay out of his way. I know design, and he stays out of my way. When it comes to food, I’ve learned that everyone has an opinion and may not always agree with mine. We all make comments, as a family. Brynn, Phil and I then discuss, sometimes for weeks, before releasing a dish onto our menu. My husband always says, “let’s make food sexy again. I couldn’t agree more.” says Kristina.


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