About Us

Brynn Felix


Brynn Felix is an accomplished hospitality industry professional with experience in fine dining, premium bars, nightclubs and other restaurant environments. His record of excellence includes devising and implementing productivity and cost improvements that contribute to positive financial results and improving guest services. Brynn is a 20-year veteran of hospitality and is a well-respected executive in the field.

He specialises in turnaround of under-performing operations, implementing purchase and inventory control systems that lower operating costs. He also establishes policies that recruit, develop and retain employees and reduces labor costs through structured training programs and efficient staff deployment. And let us not forget his extensive experience in food service environments both in front and back of the house.

“My years abroad living in the Middle East, Norway and The Bahamas has gained me invaluable experience of cross culture diversity and how to translate these onto a plate. Rather than have our Guests come in for something to eat, we take them on a sensory journey.”

Kristina Klonaris Felix


Kristina Klonaris Felix, is the Mom of Primal Eatery. Born in the Bahamas and of Greek descent, Kristina’s love and passion for food shines through our venue.

A University of Vermont graduate in Fine Arts, Kristina handles, amongst other things, all our design and marketing needs. Her influence is prominent within Primal from the Greek touches on the menu to the funky interior accents.

As the non restaurateur in the Partnership, Kristina perceives and identifies elements from a customer’s point of view, rather than trying to complicate things on a plate. Her collaboration on everything has been a huge influence in our overall look and feel.

“I love to travel. Being of Greek descent, I travel to Greece every year, visiting new and exciting islands. It’s from there that my inspiration for both design and culinary comes about. My husband and I discuss everything. We may not always agree on things in business, but the collaboration between us results in something truly exceptional for our guests.”